Daniel Heath

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Work History

  1. Senior Developer REinteractive Mar 2018 to current
  2. Senior Developer REA Group November 2013 to Mar 2018
    Primary responsibilities & achievements
    • Replace hand-maintained suburb information supporting 50+ systems with a GIS implementation. This reduced time to deploy changes from months to days.
    • Built and launched the frontend to Ask Izzy (open source)
    • Contributed to the new react-based frontend for the sold area of the site
    Skills developed:
    • Training (ran training & information sessions on flowtype, recovering lost work from git, activerecord & postgres advanced features)
    • Use of advanced Postgres features (search, geodata)
    • CI / Deployment / Monitoring pipeline design
    • AWS (cloudformation, EC2, S3, SNS/SQS & cost optimization)
    • Building rich frontends in react & es6
  3. Senior Developer 99designs August 2012 to Oct 2013
    Primary responsibilities
    • Development of single-sign-on across all 99designs products (using golang).
    • Performance optimization of a Rails app used by designers to find work.
    Skills developed:
    • Performance profiling across a multi-technology site
    • Elasticsearch
    • Golang ( https://golang.org/ )
  4. Rails Programmer Lonely Planet May 2010 to August 2012
    Primary responsibilities
    • Full-stack (js, ruby, capistrano & server config) development of a rich, offline-capable web client for authors & editors on the road.
    Skills developed:
    • Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js and coffeescript development
    • git (source control)
  5. Rails Programmer Webfirm Group September 2009 to May 2010 (9 months)
    Primary responsibilities
    • Sole developer (from requirements to maintenance) for a workflow application to support the Project Management team
    • New intranet site to replace several internal systems and interface with MYOB and Quickbase
    Skills developed:
    • Ruby on Rails development (inc html, css, javascript)
    • MYOB integration
    • Barcode generation
    • git (source control)
  6. Delphi Programmer Retail Directions August 2007 to September 2009
    Primary responsibilities
    • Designing & building point of sale & distributed database software in Delphi
    • Providing support to clients (both investigation and response)
    • Requirements gathering through meetings with clients
    Skills developed:
    • Delphi / win32
    • Maintaining win32 native threaded code
    • Socket-level network programming
  7. Ruby on Rails Developer World Stock Exchange (Second Life) July 2007 (short term contract)
    Primary responsibilities
    • Adding multiple currency support to the existing exchange
    • Integration with the World Internet Currency site (now World Dollar )
    Skills developed:
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Payment gateway integration
  8. Filemaker Developer Switched-On Knowledge 2006 Nov - 2007 Feb (3 months summer work)
    Primary responsibilities
    • Built new packaging system for releases
    • Built data import / cleaning process to handle varied external data formats
    • Designed & built database systems as part of the filemaker development team
    Skills developed:
    • SQL (Data importing / cleaning)
    • Database design
  9. Engineering work experience World Reach Ltd (formerly Tele-IP) Summer over 2004 - 2005
    Primary responsibilities
    • Design & construction of a solar tracking device for solar panels to improve panel yield, electronic circuit assembly and basic administration
    Skills developed:
    • Electrical circuit design
    • Prototype construction

Skills Table

Skill Proficiency level
Ruby / Rails Very Proficient
Javascript Very Proficient
Golang Very Proficient
HTML/CSS Proficient
Operations automation (devops) Proficient
TDD Proficient
Git Proficient


  1. Monash University Clayton, Vic 2004-2007 Bachelor of Computer Science, completed June 2007 with a distinction average
  2. Melbourne High School 2003 Victorian Certificate of Education, attained an ENTER score of 90.6

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